Weight-loss Plan

Weight-Loss Plan

Components of the
Medifast 5 & 2 & 2 Plan

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On the 5 & 2 & 2 Plan, you’ll eat six times each day. Yes, we said six—and it’s not because we’re terrible at math! While 5 & 2 & 2 do, indeed, add up to nine, we’re asking you to mix and match the components of our program—and eat six times a day. This will require some fun combinations and ensure that you’re getting all the nutrition you need as you work toward your weight-loss and weight-management goals.

Now check out the three components below—5 Medifast Meals, 2 lean & green meals (with healthy fats), and 2 healthy snacks. On the pages that follow, we’ll give you more details about each.

5 Medifast Meals

Each day, you’ll choose a variety of five of our delicious, nutritious meal replacements.

Lean = lean protein

Green = non-starchy vegetables

2 Lean & Green™ Meals

Each day, you’ll choose two meals of your own, each with a serving of lean protein, three servings of non-starchy vegetables, and up to two servings of healthy fat (depending on which lean protein you select).

2 Healthy Snacks

Each day, you’ll choose two snacks to eat with your other meals (not on their own). Make sure you choose a variety.

See additional program recommendations.

Sample Meal Plans

Planning what you’ll eat each day—and when—is an important key to success with the Medifast 5 & 2 & 2 Plan. Below are two sample meal plans to give you an idea of how the plan can work for you. We recommend eating every two to three hours. Meal plans can be modified according to your own food preferences and schedule.

Enjoy your lean & green meals any time of day—breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in between—whatever works best with your schedule. Divide the meal in half and eat it as two portions, if you wish, but be sure to eat only the specified amounts of protein and vegetables each day. And be sure to get in all five Medifast Meals!

Sample Meal Plan

Every day:

5 Medifast Meals, 2 Lean & Green Meals, 2 Healthy Snacks

sample meal plan

sample meal plan key